100% Colombian Single Serve Coffee - 100 ct

Keurig® 2.0 compatible

Give a nod of appreciation to Colombia's coffee growers! Thanks to them, Corner One brings you this aromatic, full-bodied medium roast that's steeped in the vibrancy of the highest coffee-growing regions. Authentic Colombian coffee for authentic coffee lovers. Each of these single serve coffee cups is nitrogen flushed to give you the freshest cup, every time you brew. Great for home and the office.

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SKU: A04482
Roast Level: Medium
Bean Type: 100% Colombian Coffee
Certifications: Kosher


4 out of 5 (based on 8 ratings)
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Great coffee!

Posted by Rebecca W, 2019 Jan 14th

Good taste

It was lighter than I was hoping but it had a good flavor, and the price is good for what it is; would buy again.
Posted by Diane, 2018 Dec 13th

Consistent coffee that gets it every time.

These are standard K-cup coffee pods to fit all one-cup coffee makers. First designed by Keurig now everyone has jumped on this caravan of coffee. Between the ease of instantly making coffee while avoiding instant coffee and the fun George Jetson feeling of preparing a cup you should jump on board. The taste of this coffee is more traditional than the flavored or dark roasted beans. The beans are the traditional Columbian grown and medium roasted. It’s flavor is not acidic nor is it overpowering. The coffee is delicious and suits the Martin Cranes of the world who “like a plain cup of coffee with no foam or mouse droppings in it.”
Posted by David S, 2018 Dec 1st

Strong , dark taste

This Corner One coffee fits and works well in my Keurig system. The flavor I found on the strong side and it is dark. I tend to like my coffee on the creamy side, so I add a little extra to this brew. You get 100 single serving cups in here for about $40, which averages to .40 cents a cup. I think thats a pretty reasonable deal considering the cost of coffee these days. While it might not be the best, I have had terrible coffee before and this I find is middle of the road.
Posted by Rareoopdvds, 2018 Nov 17th

decent coffee but not memorable

It's decent and I like it. I just can't tell you really one reason I like it. It's not acidic, but it's not really smooth. It's not bold, but it's not weak. It's just coffee. I'll drink it and I like it better than cheap stuff, but I'm not sure I'll seek it out.
Posted by Michael, 2018 Oct 19th

Great taste!

This coffee is amazing. Works well in my Keurig. The taste is great and I'm really happy with it.
Posted by Mae D, 2018 Oct 15th

Makes going to the office so much easier

This makes work so much easier and my daughter looks forward to that moment when a refreshing, energy generating break is on its way. This delivers every time
Posted by Natchmo, 2018 Sep 9th

Nice smooth flavor

My family likes a medium brew or light brew coffee. Too often medium brews can be too dark. Not this one. The Cornee coffee medium brew has a smooth flavor and is not at all bitter. It tastes great without cream and that says a lot. I usually add cream but did not need to with this coffee. You get 100 cups from this so the price is excellent too.
Posted by Melissa, 2018 Aug 27th