A Guide on Being A Coffee Sommelier, Great For Beginners

Coffee makes the world turn - that brown liquid sensation gives anyone an extra boost to make it through any kind of day. Coffee drinkers know that not all coffees smell or even taste the same, but did you know there are over 30 different types of coffee that exist?

Whether you want to expand your palate, or become a coffee sommelier, this guide will give you a complete overview of coffee as we know it! Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular coffee drinks available today.

Americano (Long Black) – hot water added to an espresso shot
Breve – espresso served with half cream and half milk
Cappuccino – shot of espresso, shot of steamed milk and layer of frothy milk
Cubano – Originated in Cuba, shot of espresso with demerara sugar
Doppio (Double Espresso) – two espresso shots
Espresso (Short Black) – purest coffee experience, brew method that uses coffee grounded very fine
Flat White – steamed creamy milk that’s poured over a shot of espresso
Irish Coffee – brewed whiskey, sugar and thick layer of cream on top
Latte – steamed milk, and a shot of coffee
Macchiato – shot of espresso topped off with foamed milk
Mochachino – latte with chocolate syrup
Vienna – two shots of espresso topped with whipped cream

With tons of coffee types out there to enjoy and choice from the options are limitless. All you need to do is start experimenting!

Did we forget favorite type of coffee? Let us know and we’ll be glad to add it to our list.