How to keep your coffee beans fresher for longer | Corner 1

The excitement of getting a new whole bean bag of Corner One coffee: the fresh aroma when you first open the bag, a rush of sensory pleasure knowing the taste will be just as amazing. Now that the bag is open, it sits on the shelf ageing every day. How can you reduce your chances of having stale coffee beans? Read on to learn how you can extend the shelf life of your favorite coffee.

Let’s begin - freshly roasted coffee beans taste better. Why you may ask? Well, when coffee beans sit on a shelf for too long and are not properly sealed and stored, this allows for oxygen to cause the coffee to degrade. As a result, the beans will begin to lose their flavor.

Great news! At Corner One Coffee, we roast daily and ship through Amazon on a weekly basis, which means the whole beans you buy are recently roasted and ready to brew a fresh cup. Our packaging has a degassing valve letting the CO2 gases out while keeping the oxygen at bay. In other words, it helps to keep your coffee fresher for longer.

Now onto what you can do to preserve your coffee longer.

Storage – Keep it Shelved

Sunlight + Moisture are coffee’s kryptonite. Although many suggest storing beans in the fridge or freezer, this is never a great idea if the beans will be regularly used. The change of climate will create condensation that will only result in stale coffee. The best practice is to keep the coffee in an opaque and airtight container on a pantry shelf. If you don’t have a canister, no worries! Corner One Coffee bags are opaque and resealable.

When to Freeze Coffee

If you prefer to freeze your coffee, whole beans can last up to a month stored in an airtight bag, provided you’re not taking them in and out of the freezer during this period. We suggest storing a smaller 2-week portion of coffee in your pantry and the rest can remain in the freezer.

Grinding your Beans

Grinding your coffee right before brewing ensures the freshest cup. Pre-ground coffee loses its flavor much more quickly than whole beans.

Try these tips and tricks to help preserve your coffee beans, and if you have any other tips we’d love to hear them.