Fair Trade Organic Breakfast Blend Single Serve Coffee - 100 ct

Keurig® 2.0 compatible

Don’t let the name fool you. Our Fair Trade Organic Breakfast Blend is a perfect any time, go-to cup for those seeking satisfaction from 100% Arabica coffee. This medium roast coffee is smooth and full-bodied, making it the just right for breakfast or any time of day. Each of these single serve coffee cups is nitrogen flushed to give you the freshest cup, every time you brew. Great for home and the office.

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Also available in 2.5 Whole Bean.

SKU: A04480
Roast Level: Medium
Bean Type: 100% Arabica
Certifications: Fair Trade USA, USDA Organic, Kosher


4 out of 5 (based on 10 ratings)
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Love this coffee

I haven't seen a better deal out there for sure. Coffee is very good and fair trade certified!
Posted by D. Howell, 2019 Feb 28th

Great Coffee

We are minimal coffee drinkers - we only drink one cup a day. We've tried Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Gevali - but this is our new favorite. Full and robust and DOES NOT clog the Keurig.
Posted by Michelle H, 2018 Nov 13th

Not very strong.

Weak coffee.
Posted by Curtis T, 2018 Nov 5th

A careful, thorough trial by a coffee lover

I do love my coffee. I am not a coffee snob and I enjoy many types of coffee brewed in different ways. I have a Keurig machine, a batch brewer and several other expensive machines. I sometimes grind my own beans and sometimes use economical blends. I admit that I do stop at my local coffee specialty shop to get something more exotic or artistic. I sometimes drink black and sometimes sweeten or flavor the coffee, depending on my mood. Yes, I do have my preferences and my favorites, but I find that mixing things up like this allows me to both notice better coffees and to not think something is a "bad coffee" simply because it is different from what I normally drink (which I guess would be my favorite every time). I am not opposed to dumping a cup of unsatisfactory coffee or walking out of a coffee shop with a quick complaint to the manager... or compliment as the case may be. I tested this blend in the K machine and also used it in my batch system using 2 k-cups to make a stronger brew. The same afternoon I sweetened a double strength cup with a teaspoon of sugar and enough International Delight hazelnut creamer to give it a dark brown color. I did not study the company background or read reviews before writing this one... I will do later, however. I prefer fairly strong coffee, but not overwhelming. As a first cup in the morning, This coffee was adequate but on the weak side of the scale. Tasted like good coffee, but not a big eye-opener. Second cup, double strength made in the nice bulk machine, was more my kind of thing. I enjoyed that cup and looked forward to my afternoon "desert" coffee after lunch. Sad to say, that one was not so memorable because it just seemed like any normal good coffee, like Melitta for instance. I did sweeten and use hazelnut creamer. The following day I did the same routine except this time I did two double strength cups from the bulk machine in the morning and then skipped the sugar and creamer in the afternoon just to retaste the flavor strength of the coffee itself. This time I enjoyed it more. I am not going to go into "flavor descriptions" as some reviewers do, I think this coffee is not designed to be a $5 cup of coffee. I am also not going to go into what kind of machines I use because someone will say those could make cornstarch taste great... but I will say that in opening the k-cups with a knife, I found an inner lining of plastic that most other k-cups don't have. Perhaps this gives a longer life to the storage, perhaps the plastic is undesirable. Up to you to decide. I personally would prefer Melitta blends to this, but it was NOT a bad coffee, just not quite as robust as I would have enjoyed.
Posted by Scott C, 2018 Oct 30th


Just as good as the more expensive coffees for less.
Posted by Purchase Confidence, 2018 Oct 27th

Rather Boring Breakfast Blend

When perusing other reviews here, I've noticed a number of adjectives like "average" or "neutral" or "mild". Sadly, all of these descriptions are true. While I'm not looking for my breakfast blend coffee to give me a New Orleans chickory-style slap across the face every morning, I do like a little brightness and character. This blend is, well, kinda boring. It's got decent flavor, albeit it's notably mild. If you're inclined to put any cream and/or sugar in your morning joe, you'll lose track of whatever character it has completely. I'm giving it a 3-star review because it's not completely devoid of flavor, and it's possible that you might like a milder blend to start your day. Overall, 3-star flavor ain't all that bad. It's a step up from the K-Cups you'll get at Aldi for about the same price. Also, any time I can get K-Cups for less than $0.50/pod, I think they're worth a second look. The current price point of $0.43/pod seems fair for the quality.
Posted by P Kingsriter, 2018 Sep 6th

Surprisingly good value

Corner One Coffee has a smooth flavor that is a perfect morning coffee or all-day coffee. Current price on Amazon puts it at around 43 cents a cup, which is comparable to most other regular brands on the market. This makes it a good value if you are looking for organic coffee choices, as organic often costs a lot more than regular brands. Been through a third of the case and haven't had a bad cup yet. The cups work perfectly in our Keurig machine with no issues.
Posted by Julie A D, 2018 Sep 4th

Good cup of coffee

This is a good, medium brew--on the lighter side of medium though. It's enhanced by three pluses: the fair trade; organically grown and reasonable price. Would definitely include it in my morning mix of blends.
Posted by Laurence R, 2018 Sep 3rd

Strong, but Smooth Finish

I was really surprised by this coffee. The breakfast blend is my preferred for any brand & I set my expectations low the flavor was to ust, but smooth. It had a nice caffeine kick instant expecting from a brand i wasn't familiar with. The price is pretty good compared to the coffee cups i normally but. Overall is way this is something I definitely try again. Solid breakfast blend, very little bitterness, & smooth finish. Solid 4 Stars.
Posted by CPR, 2018 Aug 27th